The following papers (ordered by paper ID) have been accepted for presentation at CBDAR 2021 :

  • [Paper#4] Denzel Farmer, Owen Eicher, Nishatul Majid and Yiyan Li. Handwritten Chess Scoresheet Recognition Using a Convolutional BiLSTM Network
  • [Paper#5] Karina O. M. Bogdan, Guilherme A. S. Megeto, Rovilson Leal, Gustavo Souza, Augusto C. Valente and Lucas Kirsten. DDocE: Deep Document Enhancement with Multi-Scale Feature Aggregation and Pixel-Wise Adjustments
  • [Paper#6] Sanjana Gunna, Rohit Saluja and C.V. Jawahar. Transfer Learning for Scene Text Recognition in Indian Languages
  • [Paper#7] Aline Geovanna Soares, Byron Leite Dantas Bezerra and Estanislau Baptista Lima. How Far Deep Learning Systems for Text Detection and Recognition in Natural Scenes are Affected by Occlusion?
  • [Paper#8] Naoto Morita, Ryunosuke Inoue, Masashi Yamada, Takatoshi Naka, Atsuko Kanematsu, Shinya Miyazaki and Junichi Hasegawa. Inscription Segmentation using Synthetic Inscription Images for Text Detection at Stone Monuments
  • [Paper#9] Shivam Sood, Rohit Saluja, Ganesh Ramakrishnan and Parag Chaudhuri. CATALIST: CAmera TrAnsformations for multi-LIngual Scene Text recognition

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